In North America 80% of the population lives within a metro city, but only 20% of the UPCI churches lie within those areas. Metro Missions has a proven track record over the last 25 years of reaching these target cities with the truth of God’s word! Currently North America has 39 Metro Missionaries who have completed deputation have gone into their city of appointment to bring the Gospel. 28 of those 39 have established a UPCI church, that is a 71% success rate! Those 28 Missionaries have turned around and planted 27 UPCI daughter works, totaling 55 churches in approved Metro cities for a success rate of 141%.

Here's how it works:  

  • A minister is called by God to plant a church in a pre-approved metro city.

  • The minister is approved through the District Board in which he/she desires to plant the church. Next, approval is sought from the North American Missions Committee.

  • The approved missionary raises financial support by partnering with churches around North America.

  • The missionary plants a church!

Thank you for Giving!

If we don’t reach our cities, we won’t reach North America.
— Steve Hanson

Rev. Steve Hanson is the Metro Missions Coordinator.  Pastor Hanson planted the "Pentecostals of Portland, Oregon" over 25 years ago, and continues to pastor this revival church.  He has a passion for cities, and a vision to reach all of North America's underchurched metro areas.

Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson